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- опытный бизнес партнер со стажем более 7 лет
- молодой, сплоченный и ответственный коллектив
- помощь в построении каналов продаж по всему миру
- вывод на рынок и продвижение новых продуктов
- успешные бизнес модели проверенные временем
- современные разработки и свое производство


- опыт международного сотрудничества
- поставки импортной продукции
- вывод новых продуктов на российский рынок
- рекламное поддержка партнеров
- разветвленная дилерская сеть
- участие в профильных мероприятиях


- создание рекламных материалов
- оформление витрин в магазинах
- участие в выставках и конференциях
- разработка мультимедийных материалов
- сотрудничество с печатными изданиями
- продвижение в сети интернет


- разработка технологичных приборов
- широкий круг производителей комплектующих
- разработка программного обеспечения
- производители партнеры в России и СНГ
- международная сертификация продукции
- выпуск тепловизоров под брендом FORTUNA


The city of Innopolis will host the first Russian IT-conference providing the platform for the efficient dialogue of industry representatives, the industry professionals, defense complex and venture investors.

logo_innopolisInnopolis is the newest Russian city built in 2015 for residence and work of specialists in the computer and informational technologies. It is located in 40 km from Kazan and is intended for 150 thousand people. Today many important infrastructural objects, such as the university, school, kindergarten, are already functioning in Innopolis, and the largest area will be allotted to the technology park for young Russian companies. The modern city not only trains lots of specialists and provides a platform for them, but also holds the high-level events – RIF, DIIR, IT in the service of MIC, Olympiads on robotics and other high-tech events.

tsipr-anonsOn June, 7 -10,  Innopolis hosts the conference «Digital Industry of Industrial Russia». DIIR is the first Russian IT-conference providing the platform for the efficient dialogue of industry representatives, the industry professionals, defense complex and venture investors.

Within DIIR  with the support of «Rostech» company the competition for companies and their products will take place with the motto «Searching for technologies for the industry».

«Startups and developing It-companies will be able to communicate with possible customers and partners within the forum itself as well as to get acquainted with the participants of the DIIR Business club, involving Russian industry leaders. This will enable the young companies to offer partnership directly to the industrial enterprises’ owners.» (RUBASE.COM)

fortuna-logoCEK  delegation will participate in the conference (DIIR) as common program participants and will submit the thermal viewers FORTUNA GENERAL to the competition. The thermal viewer prototype was developed from Asian, European and Russian components for 6.5 months an firstly was introduced at The international trade fair IWA 2016 (Nurnberg, Germany) in March 2016 .

FORTUNA GENERAL today is the advanced and non-expensive thermal vision device  used as a monocular (incl., helmet-mounted), a scope or a thermal vision attachment and as engineering or automotive thermal viewer.


CEK company  hopes to find partners in the area of software development for its products to extend the markets and develop fully functional devices within the import substitution program to enter the global markets.

Thermal viewers FORTUNA GENERAL are developed on the modern integrated plant (Moscow) from the idea to the release of the product tested for severe conditions. The company’s thermal viewers are successfully used by hunters, searching and law enforcement services.