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- опытный бизнес партнер со стажем более 7 лет
- молодой, сплоченный и ответственный коллектив
- помощь в построении каналов продаж по всему миру
- вывод на рынок и продвижение новых продуктов
- успешные бизнес модели проверенные временем
- современные разработки и свое производство


- опыт международного сотрудничества
- поставки импортной продукции
- вывод новых продуктов на российский рынок
- рекламное поддержка партнеров
- разветвленная дилерская сеть
- участие в профильных мероприятиях


- создание рекламных материалов
- оформление витрин в магазинах
- участие в выставках и конференциях
- разработка мультимедийных материалов
- сотрудничество с печатными изданиями
- продвижение в сети интернет


- разработка технологичных приборов
- широкий круг производителей комплектующих
- разработка программного обеспечения
- производители партнеры в России и СНГ
- международная сертификация продукции
- выпуск тепловизоров под брендом FORTUNA
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CEK GROUP was formed in 2007 due to the merge of the manufacturer of the high-tech products for outdoor, hunting and security market and the advertising agency specializing in the world novelty products. The company’s product range flagship product is FORTUNA series of thermal vision scopes — Russian-Belarusian alliance in production of thermal vision scopes on the basis of thermal-imaging matrix. It is used mostly for hunting, target shooting and security enforcement.


CEK GROUP is the wholesale and retail leader in the sector of sighting devices and thermal vision equipment. Since 2010 the company has been representing the world’s largest brands: FLIR, PULSAR, EOTech, Elcan, Yukon, Dedal, Schmidt&Bender, NightForce, SightMark. It is also the dealer of more than 100 brands of geodesic and optical devices, special and inspection equipment, fishing and outdoor equipment. During 7 years of work our technical experts select the best world’s best novelties over 40,000 products and help with decision to thousands of successful people who consider the men’s hobbies an integral part of their lives.   


In 2013 due to the professional partners the company’s new subdivision was formed to supply special equipment – introscopes, gas analyzers, metal detectors, blast inhibitors and other human life protection devices.


We have developed dozens of thematic projects many of which proved to be successful, and we are glad to share with you our exclusive tests of the devices. Twice a month our team goes for testing events to the shooting ranges, hunting and fishing, for exhausting hours-long attempts to find out all hidden qualities and features of our products. The best products are accompanied with exclusive descriptions and photos, videos and feedbacks from real users.


The audience of the company’s projects amounts to over 500,000 people monthly, excluding contacts in private correspondence and independent distribution of our works in the Internet. We have made up over 300 editorial descriptions of devices and manufacturers, developed over 50 detailed infographics and shot over 100 videos.   


Our technical specialists are so dedicated to the products study that many manufacturers address directly their wishes about future products and this is the only way to keep in touch with the consumers together with the strong partners. We endorse and protect the customer rights, you can make sure of that for yourselves! Any request to the company is extremely important for us, and our goal is to solve the task you set to yourselves, to recommend you something that will do you actual good and make lots of pleasure.